Student Handbook

We are happy to support you with any kind of difficulty while using GC Academy courses. Please send your support request explaining your difficulty to e[email protected]

The GC Academy Management will get in touch with you in 24 hours during the business hours.


The language of daily communication with GC Academy management and staff is ENGLISH. Please, use the google translate service to manage the communication in your language.

You can change the settings of your CHROME browser to tranlate the platform in your langauge if it is avalable.

The students of GC Academy Courses have the opportunity to monitor their study progress at any the time. The Platform includes the feature “Online Result” in the profile “My Courses” section of every student. This feature can be accessed only after the student has signed in.

The “Online Result” feature generates a PDF document that shows the achieved result/grades of the student. The generated information provides the period of the semester, title, date and the result of the subject. In this PDF document, the Platform provides the best result that the student has achieved during the tests (if applicable).

The students can also monitor the results of  the relevan Tests. This information is available in the “Test Details” feature.

If the student has any doubt or missing information, the GC Academy Management can provide them explanation requested by the student. Such request has to be sent to [email protected]

The interested students have to complete the signup and payment procedure before starting the course.

The students must use their personal email address to access the GC Academy platform. NO email address of any company or organisation is accepted; it is highly recommended to set up a GMAIL address for this course (

Follow the guide hereunder that helps the sign-up procedure.

Registered students must click on the "Sign in" button in the top right corner of the Platform. Type in your username, which is the email address used during “Sign-up” and the password, then click on "Sign in".

If the student has forgotten the password that was given during sign-up, the following steps to follow:

  1. Go to sign in and scroll down to the username and password window.
  2. Under these windows, you will see the function titled "Forgot password?" and click on it.
  3. Add your email address, click on "Send" and check your email account.
  4. Follow the instructions of the email to change your password.

It is essential to have an official image, in case a camera exam is used. The official image is not visible for the other classmates, it is used only for face recognition purposes.  

Every GC Academy Course may have one or more assigned instructor/lecturer/tutor. The name and the picture of the instructors/lecturers/tutors are available in the Course side. The students can also receive information about the instructor/lecturer/tutor by reviewing the profile.

The GC Academy platform provides different features of communication between the students and the instructor/lecturer/tutor.

The Forum post is available for every student to submit any question or query that is related to each module/subject. The Forum post feature provides the discussion for all the students enrolled in the same course at the same time. The instructor/lecturer/tutor provide guidance and explanation for the students answering the questions or query submitted by a student.

Translation device of the Forum post provides flexibility for the students to submit their question in the language they speak.

The students also can contact the instructor/lecturer/tutor directly.

The chat features of the Forum serve this possibility. Students can also send a personal email message to the instructor/lecturer/tutor directly. The email address of the instructor/lecturer/tutor is available in the course site of the platform.

The subject of the Forum post and the direct email messages can cover questions and queries included but not limited to issues of guidance in study skills, finding resources and counselling.

Meeting between a student and the instructor/lecturer/tutor can be scheduled on an individual basis. Since the students of GC Academy are coming from all over the world and live in different time zones, such a meeting must be scheduled carefully.

The GC Academy platform provides the feature of a live session via the Wowza feature that is embedded in the Platform.

The students of  GC Academy Course can provide their feedback after the Course is completed.

Every GC Academy Course has a specific online questionnaire where the students can express their opinion online anonymously. The feedback form can be completed up to 4 weeks after the Course concluded. This deadline is indicated in the invitation for the questionnaire.

The students receive an invitation for the questionnaire by email, where they can use the link that connects to the online form. The survey has mandatory and free questions. Every section of the poll also includes the possibility where the student can express their notes and proposals.

The GC Academy Management evaluated the completed feedback forms and stored in the database. The highlighted summary of the results is presented in a PowerPoint format and circulated among the instructors/tutors of the course for review. The GC Academy Management highlights the findings that require attention for the instructors/lecturers/tutors. The GC Academy Management hold a meeting for the discussion of the results and find the solution if necessary.

The students of GC Academy have the possibility to complain and appeal against any decision taken by the GC Academy Management including the results of tests, assignment and practical scores if applicable. Any complain or appeal shall be submitted to the platform, using the “Contact us” link that is available on the main page. The students shall select the "Complain" or “Appeal” in “Select topic” drop-down menu. A detailed description shall be posted and sent to the GC Academy Management. This email will automatically be sent to the [email protected] address.

The submitted message of complaint or appeal will be handled by the GC Academy Management. The proposal of solution regarding the submitted complaint or appeal of the students is circulated among the instructor/lecturer/tutor and the GC Academy Education Director for final approval of the decision. In case of an appeal the GC Director will inform three (3) external member committee to decide on the case. The appeals committee decision is a final decision.

The GC Academic Education Director will send the final decision of the submitted appeal and handles the appropriate administration if necessary in the database of the student who submitted the appeal.

The GC Academy Courses are designed in the way that students can study using the online platform anywhere and anytime. If students face scheduling difficulty in completing the course within the timeframe of the given semester (if applicable), they can request the completion of the missing Tests during the upcoming scheduled semester (if available).

It is important that every student must finish the GC Academy course(s) within 12 months from the date of their sign-up/registration. After the 12 months, the course results will expire and the student has to start all over again from the very beginning of the course.

Students must send a letter to [email protected] to submit such intention.


Students must send a letter to [email protected] if they intend terminate the course.

The platform is designed for desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

The tests and assignment uploads can only be completed online. The period for these tests is available from the date when the trial opens until the end of the Semester. This flexibility will provide a comfortable choice when the test is completed during the given period. The period for the assignment uploads is indicated in the space where the upload to be completed.

Every lecture includes learning material for download. The students can download the suggested content that can be used offline. The list of the downloadable content is available in every module page of the Platform.

Some courses do require to activate the web camera of the used devices. Although the camera option works for tablet and mobile devices only on the Android platform, above version 4.0. The test application requiring web camera works on desktop computers (internal or external camera) and laptops with web camera. It is recommended to use the CHROME browser for the use of the camera test option.

When a Video Test option is active, the students have to allow their laptop and/or desktop computers to access the camera.

The GC Academy course certificates are delivered directly to the students only by email in PDF format. The certificates are only delivered if the student has completed all the necessary requirements of course completion.

Students can also find the copy of your certificate(s) in the Profile section where they can download it any time.

The transcript can be downloaded in the Profile section from “My Courses” using the “Final Results” feature in the Platform if applicable.


The UCSM course starts one time per year.

Semester begins in August (to be announced when the number of eligible students is identified)

The GC Academy Management reserves the right to cancel any semester start indicated above if the minimum number of students exceeds 10.

  • The Undergraduate Certificate in Sport Management (UCSM) programme is a Higher Education Programme accredited by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority.
  • The programme has 30 ECTS credits at Malta Qualification Framework (MQF) Level 5.
  • The programme is part-time and aimed at the ages of 18 and 65+.
  • Students may require VISA during a practical session organised in Malta; this link provides more information.

It is essential to provide sport managers with access to a well-structured sport management course of international significance, to contribute towards the improvement and the management of their sport organisation. The IJF Academy Foundation provides this course to help administrators and managers run  sport organisations, such as clubs, associations and federations.

The course’s target group is people who are interested in working in managerial and administrative roles in sports organisations, such as clubs, associations and federations.

As the course language is English, English knowledge (especially reading and writing capabilities) is required. As the course is conducted fully online, an electronic device with internet connection is necessary for participation.

All students must be minimum 18 years old.

  • English knowledge (especially reading and writing capabilities) is required.
  • An electronic device with internet connection is necessary for participation.
  • All students must be minimum 18 years old.

Interested students must commplete the registration / Sign-up procedure before the UCSM course starts. Follow the "SING-UP PROCEDURE" posted above in the general information section of the student handbook.

The programme is delivered only online through 20 weeks.

Students must pay the corresponding programme fee (if any) according to the published payment schedule on the programme information page. No refunds are given after payment for admissions unless the candidate is not enrolled in the programme. More details are available in the student agreement that can be reviewed when enrolling in the programme.

The programme is conducted in English only.

Sport organisations run their daily administration and management in a structured way. The sport organisation requires a solid legal foundation and administrative as well as managerial setup. In sport organisations, which are non-for-profit NGOs, the following occupations and professions are practiced:

  • President;
  • Secretary General;
  • Treasurer;
  • HR administrator;
  • Sport director;
  • Sport marketer;
  • Sponsorship director
  • Competition director;
  • Facility and event manager, etc.

It is essential to provide sport managers with access to a well-structured sport management course of international significance, to contribute towards the improvement and the management of their sport organisation. The GC Academy provides this course to help administrators and managers run  sport organisations, such as clubs, associations and federations.

The UCSM course has one (1) semester online phase that includes 13 modules and 5 essay assignments in 20 weeks. The online modules and essay assignments are listed hereunder in the order of delivery:

Introduction to Sport Management Environment

Sport Governance Part 1

Sport Governance Part 2

Governance and Sport Management essay assignment

Managing Sporting Organisations Part 1

Managing Sporting Organisations Part 2

Managing Sporting Organisations Part 3

Managing Sporting Organisations essay assignment

Leading Sporting Organisations Part 1

Leading Sporting Organisations Part 2

Leading Sporting Organisations essay assignment

Sport Marketing

Sport Sponsorship

Sport Marketing and Sponsorship essay assignment

Event Management

Facility Management

Event and Facility Management essay assignment

The learner will be able to;

a)   Present sport management-related information to sport organisation boards, committees and members;

b)   Prepare position papers, proposals and analyses on various sport management-related topics;

c)   Discuss sport management-related topics within the sport organisation and with members of its network, such as potential sponsors, service-providers, etc.

d)   Present potential solutions to organisational challenges, based on a thorough analysis of the situation.

The learner will be able to;

a)   Study on his/her own using the provided educational materials and the platform’s My Library;

b)   Study and perform assessment exercises in the rhythm of the course, respecting the deadlines;

c)   Use the features of the online educational platform to discuss study-related topics with his/her peers and the instructor;

d)   Perform multiple-choice assessment exercises on the online platform;

e)   Plan and carry out essay assignments independently.

The course is designed to provide a range of skill-specific information to the student cohort. As an online course this is done via a dedicated online platform. Education materials contain word documents, PowerPoint presentations converted into PDF files and videos. Apart from self-studying from indicated readings, the students have the opportunity to engage in conversations in the discussion forum, upload their assignments and conduct inquiry-based learning. In addition, 5 concise examinations of critical areas are also used to ascertain student learning and understanding.

For students who wish to take their learning further there is also a dedicated section in each module that gives a range of resources that they can access to guide on the knowledge presented within the course.

The online Student Handbook ( gives guidance to students in navigating through the course from a technical and administrative point of view.

The course is divided into 12 weekly modules and 5 Essay Assignment weeks. Within each module, there are several generic sections:

  • A comprehensive section gives the relevant information in an easy-to-read written form.
  • Activities are also found in this section, where the students may be required to think a little deeper about some of the information that has been presented.
  • Some modules contain links to websites, reading and the like to emphasise specific points further and give a deeper understanding through examples.
  • A range of lectures examine aspects of the material presented during that module.
  • Further resources are presented in each module for those who wish to take their learning even deeper.
  • Students, who pass the 12 online Exams and reach the minimum of 60% pass mark in the 5 Essay Assignments, gain the UCSM certificate.

The Undergraduate Certificate in Sport Management course is conducted entirely online. There are two types of assessments in the course:

  1. Twelve online multiple-choice test examinations; and
  2. Five periodic essay assignments each with a particular focus on a specific aspect of the course (governance, managing sporting organisations, leading sporting organisations, sport marketing and sponsorship, and event and facility management). Each essay assignment must be a minimum of 1200 and a maximum of 1500 words long and must elaborate on a real-life situation within the student’s sport organisation.

According to the course rules and procedures, the student participation and performance in the course are monitored by the system. The student must achieve the appropriate progression rate by week .... This requires a focused and continuous study progress week by week.

The progression rate will be checked by the system on the first day of Weeks 6, 11, 14 and 17 to provide the student the time to complete the Examination and Essay Assignment requirements of the previous weeks.

The progress will be based on the successful completion of the following components:

1.     Examination results for a minimum 60% success rate in each module and,

2.    Essay Assignment results for a minimum 60% success rate in each Essay Assignment.

Should the student not be able to comply with the progress of these components, the student's access will be disabled, and the student cannot continue the course.

The Undergraduate Certificate in Sport Management certificates is delivered directly to the students only in digital  email in PDF format. The certificates are only delivered if the student has completed all the necessary requirements.

In the case of the Undergraduate Certificate in Sport Management:

  • Successful completion of 12 Weekly Examinations for a minimum of 60% or higher during the 3 attempts.
  • The accepted 5 Essay Assignemtns for a minimum of 60% or higher.

The students can find the copy of your qualification in your Profile though where you can download it any time.