About us

Global Connect

Vision: We connect different people, cultures and sciences through online education.

Mission: We wish to provide quality online education on our multifunctional e-learning platform in various sciences using the most modern technologies and build an international network of universities and leading experts from all over the world.

About us: At Global Connect, we believe in the power of education to open hearts and minds. Therefore, we offer e-learning courses showcasing as many fields of science, ideologies and cultures as we can.  Using the most modern technologies and working with excellent experts, we provide high-quality e-learning solutions to our students regardless their nationality, age, religion and geographical location. Several features and services help our students make the most of their learning experience.


  • Flexibility: On Global Connect Academy our students study at their own pace, wherever they feel comfortable, on whichever electronic device they would like to. Studying on one’s smart phone or tablet, while taking one’s exam on their desktop computer or laptop is as feasible as the other way around. All our users need to be able to study is an electronic device with proper internet connection.
  • Certification: Upon successfully completing the courses, participants will receive a certificate issued by Global Connect Academy. Each certificate is generated by a QR code-based certificate generator, therefore the certificates can only be downloaded by those participants who successfully completed their course(s).
  • Interaction: On Global Connect Academy students can connect with each other and the professor(s) in the discussion forums and via the internal mailing system of the platform. Moreover, users can upload as much contact information about themselves as they would like to, enabling fellow users to get in contact with them in various ways.
  • Various learning materials: Our professors guide our students through the learning content in various ways. Subtitled video presentations, workbooks and recommended literature help students study, while the discussion forums provide the platform of knowledge exchange for each course. Our professors can also be contacted with individual questions, so  the particular needs of our students are best served.