At Peace with English

Improve your English through engaging videos! English helps people connect, fosters conversations, aids in understanding each other, which is a key to a peaceful world. You too should be at peace with English!



Once, when visiting Serbia years ago, I went into an Orthdox Church in Belgrade. As I was admiring the interior, a priest walked up to me and engaged me in a conversation. He was delighted that I spoke English, and explained that though anti-american sentiments are high at the moment, making it tricky for English speakers, and he himself was opposed to many of the policies of the US, English is a way to peace. This language that is understood all around the world overcame the linguistic differences, according to the story of the Tower of Babel was a result of God’s punishment for the pride of mankind.

English connects the world. Through it we can communicate with each other, understand each other. A peaceful world is built on this understanding of each other. English builds peace.

This was the idea behind this course, created through a project of a Hungary based independent organization, the Free Market Foundation. We find it most important that we should understand each other, and have a common language in which we can foster discussions.

The following course teaches English through engaging and inspiring stories that are told through videos, and through pragmatic and fun exercises. Join us in our quest for a better, and more understanding world! You too could be at peace with English!

Máté Hajba
Free Market Foundation

The project is supported by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom.

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